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It was becoming clear in 1939 that direct U.S. involvement in World War Two was only a matter of time. Training approximately 500 to 750 pilots a year, the United States Army Air Corps was severely outmatched by the warring powers of Europe and Asia. What could be done to ramp up U.S. air power and train two hundred thousand pilots to take on the Axis powers? The answer was sixty primary flight schools positioned throughout the United States, one of which was located in Corsicana, Texas. This documentary provides a great insight on how an old tank farm could become a Field of Valor at a time when America and much of the world needed it the most.


This film creates a new twist on the vampire legend of old. When bodies start piling up in a small Texas town answers must be found. All the evidence seems to point to newcomer Andrew Frazier. The wealthy Frazier has recently purchased a historic mansion and quietly moved in along with his ominious butler. Frazier keeps mostly to himself and seems to have something to hide. However, old habits die hard and it's not long before he meets and falls in love with a local woman. Unfortunately for him, his new love interest had been dating a local police detective who is investigating the recent murders in the community.

Location Manager/Art Director

Josh Tate brings us the story of a young woman with an intellectual disability who is placed in an institution by her guardian. There, she fights to regain her freedom at any cost. Featuring a breakthrough cast with intellectual and developmental disabilities, LOVE LAND challenges stereotypes in a story of labels, love, and liberty.
Necessary Roughness (Parmount Pictures)
Any Given Sunday (Warner Bros. Pictures)

Expanding his knowledge in the film industry early on, James gained valuable experience on studio films such as Paramount Pictures “Necessary Roughness” and Warner Bros. “Any Given Sunday” as a Production Assistant. He worked in various departments including Production (office), Directorial (supported assistant directors on set), and Art (on set support of production design).


James has written, co-written, or consulted on several screenplays including "Aurora" (writer), "The Dreaded" (co-writer), After the Fact (adaption to screenplay), Beyond Suspicion (consultant), and "The Dukane Legacy" (consultant). He has also contributed as a writer/series creator on several televisioin concepts including "Alien Run", "Miles Chancey", and "Southwest Curiousities".